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Woke up next to Rich today :)

Woke up next to Rich today :)

Ask me anything Mon, Jun. 30, 2014 56,842 notes
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dating advice?


everybody is an enormous waste of time 

Bon Iver touches my soul.

I am happy.

That moment you realize you’re too old and boring to stay up all night and party.

I’m high as fuck

I don’t know what to do anymore. I thought by now someone would have proposed to me. I would have graduated college. I would have a nice house of my own.

I’m single, broke, a freshman in college at 23, and living with my parents.

I wish I could tell you that Richard and I are doing well but we’re not talking. I had a really bad night a few weeks ago and he got really pissed at me and basically told me that he needs space to be able to get over it. I didn’t really do anything that bad. My friend left me downtown by myself and I blacked out and ended up going to some dudes house and woke up on his couch where he had been helping me throw up all night. I can see why he’s mad so I’m giving him space. I put a big wall up when we started talking again so I don’t really have any emotion toward the fact that were not talking. I kind of just don’t care. I’m literally just going on with my life.

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