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A big weekend of disappointment

Well my dad’s been sick for a while and we’ve all known that he’s had liver problems. He went to get a few MRIs and we found out the he has liver cancer and two tumors that are in his abdomen which are also cancerous. We haven’t found out the details yet but he goes tomorrow (Monday) to get all of the specifics. So the night I found out i texted Rich telling him that I received some bad news and that I needed to see him. Of course as usual lately he texted me back telling me that he’s working but he’ll talk to me when he’s off. So around 2 is when he texted me and told me that I could go over there. Now I’m never up late anymore but I couldn’t sleep because I was super upset. When I got there he was his usual sweet self, he got me snacks and water from the gas station, he hugged me really tight and let me cry on him for a bit. Then we watched a movie in his room and fell asleep. It was just what I needed. I just needed company from someone who cared about me. Katy had been over that evening and stayed with me until she had to leave. But for the last few weeks it’s been impossible to hang out with Richard. Well when I was at his house I asked him what was wrong and why we haven’t hung out in a while. Turns out he was having to work a lot which I’m not going to say why because it’s none of my business to blab it out. But he was just working a lot and I thought that I had done something wrong to make him ignore me because that’s how he used to deal with his issues. If I did something that would make him mad or uncomfortable in any way then instead of telling me what’s wrong, he’d ignore me until he got over the situation which I really hated. But anyway, obviously I didn’t do anything wrong, he was just working a lot and respecting my work schedule by not texting and calling me too late at night. Which is really nice of him.

So now I’m waiting until September to move into my apartment. The move in date was supposed to be August 17th but Katy tore her ACL and now she has to get surgery on August the 14th so we had to set our move in date back a little. I just can’t wait, I’m so sick of living at my parents house. So basically I’m just working full time for another month until I start school on the 25th. Then wait another few weeks until I move in. This summer is going by so slowwww.

Anyway, Rich and I aren’t back together and we probably wont be until we can work things out. But I’d love to get back together with him.

Woke up next to Rich today :)

Woke up next to Rich today :)

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dating advice?


everybody is an enormous waste of time 

Bon Iver touches my soul.

I am happy.

That moment you realize you’re too old and boring to stay up all night and party.

I’m high as fuck

I don’t know what to do anymore. I thought by now someone would have proposed to me. I would have graduated college. I would have a nice house of my own.

I’m single, broke, a freshman in college at 23, and living with my parents.

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